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pH kit ISFET pH blunt needle module

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  • ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH sensor: glass-free, robust and dry storage capabilities
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • This module is to be wired directly to the pH kit Analog Front-end module
  • RVS barrel of 1mm diameter and 35mm length
  • Black PEEK handle to hold the probe (3mm in diameter)

The blunt needle module is a 1mm diameter RVS module of 35mm length with an ISFET pH sensor at the tip. The black Peek handle of 3mm diameter is to hold the probe. To be used in the R&D evaluation pH kit instead of the pH kit ISFET pH sensor module.

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pH kit ISFET pH blunt needle module

Wireless and durably interchangeable

Wireless and durably interchangeable, our premium pH probe enables you monitor this essential parameter in whatever application, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the ISFET technology the pH sensors are robust and can be stored dry. This has a great benefit for applications like water quality measurements in stream beds and tidal areas, where the water level changes in time and the probe will occasionally be above the water level. 

The glass-free approach makes the pH also available for inline food processes and medical applications like gastro-enterology, for which any glass splinter could be fatal.

The new product line is a wireless product line. No cable and thus more flexibility. No limitation of 1 probe per meter at a maximum 1,5 meter distance anymore! The Bluetooth connection enables you to have several meters within the mobile and the probe. Unlimited numbers of probes can be connected and read out simultaneously. Additionally the features of your phone can be used: GPS, social media, cloud service, etc.

Additionally we’ll release a multisensor on the market in the near future. This probe for pH, EC and ORP can be added up to the number of probes connected to your mobile device.

The connection between the probe (/transmitter) and the mobile phone is dependent on the Bluetooth signal. We have used a powerful approach for this, enabling a distance of maximum XX meter through the air. 

Let’s get connected and see whether we have a match. Please refer to / and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Besides the standard product line we are also providing contract development and contract manufacturing of sensor assemblies. More information on this is provided at Sensor Integration Services

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Benchtop, R&D evaluation pH kit