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LanceFET EC/T probe incl. free app

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The package includes:

  • Sentron wireless probe consisting of the transmitter, ring and the LanceFET EC/T replaceable sensor part.
  • Charger with USB cable
  • Toothbrush for cleaning purposes

You would need to gather yourself (or purchase separately in the shop):

  • Mobile device (Bluetooth 5.0 or higher; Android, Harmony OS, iOS)
  • Adapter for USB charger to connect USB cable of charger to socket
  • Demineralized water
  • Eventually conductivity standard solutions
  • Eventually some labware like beakers and tissues

PS See our manual how to unpack and get started for your analytical measurements. 

LanceFET EC/T Probe

  • Article number: 2370-300
  • Probe with steel tip for easy penetration and measurement of non-liquid samples (i.e. meat, fish, fruits, etc)
  • 4-Electrode EC sensor for electrical conductivity measurements
  • ATC, Automatic Temperature Compensation for the calibration procedure thanks to integrated NTC temperature sensor in the tip
  • Wireless chargeable battery (charger and USB cable included; charger adapter not included). Charging will need 2 hours for a 2-3 weeks operation time
  • Compatible to the free Sentron app for Android, Harmony Os and iOS: app for intuitive calibration, acquisition, visualization and export of measurement data of multiple probes at the same time
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless connection to mobile device; flexibility to move away up to 50-meters while your mobile device remains at one location
  • Temporary data storage in the probe the when mobile device is disconnected or out of reach
  • RGB LED for status update
  • Durable: the replaceable sensor part is easily interchangeable from the probe by plug and screw
  • IP67 dust and waterproof

See the specification table in our wireless Sentron probe manual for all specifications.

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LanceFET EC/T probe incl. free app: the steel tipped probe for wireless, durable, non-glass electrical conductivity measurements. The steel tip is great for penetration of non-liquid samples like meat, fish, and fruits.

Turn your own mobile phone into a full-featured EC meter. Download the free Sentron app at your phone and connect this conductivity probe through Bluetooth. Get guided through the measurement settings of all parameters. Check the manual for this wireless EC probe at our website: manuals and technical guides.

Probes with Sentron sensors are robust, accurate and can be stored dry. The 4-electrode EC (Electrical Conductivity) sensor is designed and manufactured in-house. The EC/T probe is durable as the sensor part is replaceable and interchangeable with other Sentron sensor parts. Moreover, it is automatic temperature compensated (ATC) for the calibration procedure.

Monitoring EC was never that easy!

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LanceFET EC/T probe incl. free app


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Wireless and durably interchangeable

Wireless and durably interchangeable, our premium pH probe enables you monitor this essential parameter in whatever application, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the ISFET technology the pH sensors are robust and can be stored dry. This has a great benefit for applications like water quality measurements in stream beds and tidal areas, where the water level changes in time and the probe will occasionally be above the water level. 

The glass-free approach makes the pH also available for inline food processes and medical applications like gastro-enterology, for which any glass splinter could be fatal.

The new product line is a wireless product line. No cable and thus more flexibility. No limitation of 1 probe per meter at a maximum 1,5 meter distance anymore! The Bluetooth connection enables you to have several meters within the mobile and the probe. Unlimited numbers of probes can be connected and read out simultaneously. Additionally the features of your phone can be used: GPS, social media, cloud service, etc.

Additionally we’ll release a multisensor on the market in the near future. This probe for pH, EC and ORP can be added up to the number of probes connected to your mobile device.

The connection between the probe (/transmitter) and the mobile phone is dependent on the Bluetooth signal. We have used a powerful approach for this, enabling a distance of maximum XX meter through the air. 

Let’s get connected and see whether we have a match. Please refer to / and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Besides the standard product line we are also providing contract development and contract manufacturing of sensor assemblies. More information on this is provided at Sensor Integration Services

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